Always On


We believe that talent is everything. Our Entertainers are not only talented, but are true professionals who are consistent in their performance for each and every party. Experts at turning your event into a fun celebration, they are highly skilled in the art of audience participation, tastefully encouraging and inspiring even the most laid back audience to have a dance experience full of fun and lasting memories. We ensure that you get exactly what you want, with the level of interaction you desire. Read about our MC’s below, or contact us to meet with one of them in person.


DJ’s have come a long way since they stepped out of the nightclubs and into the ballrooms. With constantly changing technology, we embrace the change as an opportunity to bring our clientele the latest and greatest in audio and visual synergy.

Utilizing the latest Digital Turntables by Pioneer, the Personalities DJ’s a.k.a. “our resident Mixologists”, use advanced audio and video mixing techniques to deliver the perfect musical blend for each event. We play everything from the classics to the cutting edge, and everything in between. From our 500,000 song audio & video music library we have on hand (and keep backed-up) at every event, our DJ’s are trained to read the crowd, and keep the vibe of the party in line with the wishes of each client. By the time the party is coming to an end, your guests will be wondering where all the time went, and will be begging for that one last song. This organic connection between our DJ and your crowd is that Buzz worthy X-Factor that sets Personalities, Inc. apart from our competitors.


Our dancers play many different roles during the course of an event. At the beginning, during cocktails, they act as Masters of Schmooze, getting to know the guests, creating camaraderie, and making bonds that will aid in the interactive aspects of the party. During the opening dance set, they are high energy Party Starters, and during any speeches or formalities, they help keep your younger guests quiet. During the party they may be leading your guests in the latest new dance craze, or helping pass out party favors to help create those magic moments you’ll always cherish. Always “ON”, this crew of dedicated performers is in place to ensure you get the party you want, with the level of interaction you desire. From Hi-energy cheerleader types, to cutting edge Hip Hop and Break dancers, our diverse multi-cultural staff is sure to impress your most seasoned party guests!

Let us know if you have a favorite and we’ll reserve them (if available) for your event. Really, it’s that simple! Can’t decide? Find out when our next client open-house is happening at The Groove.