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Our dancers play many different roles during the course of an event. At the beginning, during cocktails, they act as Masters of Schmooze, getting to know the guests, creating camaraderie, and making bonds that will aid in the interactive aspects of the party.  During the opening dance set, they are high energy Party Starters, and during any speeches or formalities, they help keep your younger guests quiet.  During the party they may be leading your guests in the latest new dance craze, or helping pass out party favors to help create those magic moments you’ll always cherish.  Always “ON”, this crew of dedicated performers is in place to ensure you get the party you want, with the level of interaction you desire.  From Hi-energy cheerleader types, to cutting edge Hip Hop and Break dancers, our diverse multi-cultural staff is sure to impress your most seasoned party guests!

Click on any photo for bios of our incredible in-house staff.  Let us know if you have a favorite and we’ll reserve them (if available) for your event.  Really, it’s that simple! Can’t decide? Find out when our next client open-house is happening at The Groove.

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